Our Approach to Reducing Chargebacks and Disputes

Safeguarding Merchants: The Finvert Approach to Reducing Chargebacks and Disputes


Chargebacks and disputes are common challenges faced by merchants, especially those operating in high-risk industries. These issues not only result in financial losses but can also harm a merchant’s reputation and standing with payment processors. However, with the right payment processing partner, merchants can effectively minimize chargebacks and disputes, creating a secure and seamless payment experience. Let’s take a closer look at how Finvert High-Risk Processing protects merchants from chargebacks and disputes, ensuring their success in the competitive market.

Proactive Fraud Prevention

At Finvert, we employ advanced fraud prevention measures to stay one step ahead of fraudulent activities. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analytics, we identify suspicious transactions in real-time, flagging potential fraudulent activity before it can cause harm. Our proactive approach allows merchants to prevent chargebacks before they occur, maintaining a secure payment environment for their customers.

Chargeback Alerts and Expert Representment

In the unfortunate event of a chargeback, immediate action is crucial to protect merchants’ interests. Finvert provides chargeback alerts, notifying merchants as soon as a chargeback is initiated. This early warning system enables merchants to gather compelling evidence and respond promptly, increasing the likelihood of successful representment. Our dedicated team of experts assists merchants in preparing strong cases to challenge illegitimate chargebacks, ensuring fair and favorable outcomes.

Seamless Dispute Resolution

Handling customer disputes can be challenging, but Finvert is here to support merchants through the process. Our expert support team assists in navigating the dispute resolution journey, ensuring clear and effective communication with customers. By addressing issues promptly and professionally, we help merchants achieve satisfactory resolutions, reducing the risk of chargebacks and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Transparent Insights and Data

Understanding transaction data is essential for merchants to make informed decisions. Finvert provides transparent and comprehensive transaction insights, empowering merchants with valuable information to identify trends and potential issues that could


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